Repeating Section

Is it possible to make a whole section repeatable using the CMS? i.e. is there someway one section can be made a collection and then it can then be inputted into a site wherever the customer wished to place it?

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This article can help you:

Hi Aaaron, I do use symbols. The customer however wants the ability to add symbols/sections wherever they wish from the CMS. Is this possible?

Maybe this is what I’m not understanding, can you elaborate please?

Yeah exactly. He wants to option of essentially dragging/dropping a section into a page at will.
I’m just wondering is this even possible?

Like when dragging a symbol in the designer and put it into the canvas?

Apologies for the confusion… I don’t mean literally dragging/dropping! He wants to add a whole section (that’s a symbol) to various places throughout the website.

Adding sections in a project like symbols can only be achieved through the designer.

Thanks Aaaron, that was the answer I expected. :slight_smile:

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