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Repeated letter A when looking at forum post listings

Wondering if anyone can help me out here.

As you can see from the image attached, webflow on my computer in Chrome has the letter A in a box repeated over and over and I have no idea why.

This only happens in Chrome.

Hi @rcapozzi, thanks for the post, it seems the issue you are having is not in the Webflow design tool, but rather the Webflow Forum pages – the pages you are looking at now.

I can see the forum list just fine. I would check what your Google Chrome settings are for language and fonts. Is your browser in the english language?


Thanks for your reply cyberdave, I have checked all those settings and they all seem to be normal i.e. english and font is normal, it all seem exactly the same settings as the computer next to me.

This only happens in webflow for some reason.

Hi @rcapozzi, Thanks a lot for the feedback. I am looking in to the situation.


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