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Repeat images in dynamic column?

Greetings, admittedly new and probably grossly overlooking the obvious… so apologies in advance. I used a free template and have three images repeating in a section. I would like to have different images for each box. I am sure there’s a dynamic setting which I haven’t learned yet how to alter. Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is my public share link:

That would be a fantastic title for a blog!

The image is given to the “Tile image” element:

… as a background, so it’s a CSS property rather than an HTML element

The 2 other blocks ahev the same image background because they have the same class “Tile image”

So if you change the image on one, it will change it for the others.

You need to make each element, or at least the last 2, unique, by adding a class to them:

Once done, you can change the image

Indeed a good title. Thank you for the fast and exceptionally notated response. All understood! Thanks again

Additional question again pertaining to an image change from said template I’m using. Can’t work out how to trade out the image for a diff one. Any chance you’d be willing to help one more time.

That is very weird… image has no property, that looks like a bug. Simply delete it and drga another image widget from the add panel.

@cyberdave do you know what’s going on here? (About page, the image has no property, no way to be edited)

This might be an anomaly with this free template. As a follow up; I did delete and create a new rich text block. However I wasn’t able to format an image to my liking inside of the rich text block. Could be my lack of experience with the tool set or could be a bug. I quickly jumped over the rich text option and ended up creating “columns” which fit my needs perfectly. Thanks again for the assistance!

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