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Rental Service "Checkout" with a contact form

Hi all,

i need your help for a costumer of mine:

We want to build a page for his rental service for film and camera equipment. The different products should be managed and added in collections (?) and will be displayed within one page. Every piece should have a toggle switch or rather an input field for the needed number of items (e.g. for stands of camera batteries). At the end of the page should be a contact form with additional input fields for name, e-mail and needed date for renting.
By confirming the contact form all the selected items and the additional inputs from the form itself (name, email) should be listed in the order or the following e-mail for my costumer.

The problem that prevents using the e-commerce feature is, that sometimes the items are not available for specific dates. That means that my costumer has to talk to the orderer first. Also the payment should not be processed by webflow.

Do you guys think that there is an easy way to handle this? Or is it possible to use the e-commerce feature without checkout/shipping and only sending an e-mail with the order overview?

Thanks a lot in advance :blush: