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Rendering of items in Option menu of a Collection

Hi Webflow crew,

I am wondering if there are plans (or even a request) to allow reordering of list items inside an Option field (dropdown menu) of a CMS Collection?

Right now, I am setting up a CMS website for a staffing company, and a dropdown for Job Specialty (inside a job listing CMS Collection item) is getting quite long. As I see it right now, if they decide to change the order of those specialties in the dropdown menu (based, for example, on most popular being at the top), I have to delete them and re-enter them in that new order… which would cause a massive problem, given that the client is using those right now as they add new job listings via the CMS…

In the main Collection fields layout, you allow the user to drag and reorder the actual Fields themselves, but in an Option dropdown, I don’t see any capability to reorder the lists within the field.

Hope to hear back shortly, thank you!


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Hello? Anyone? This is a serious issue… hoping someone from Webflow can shed some light. Thanks!

Hey @energidesign this is a great idea. Personally I have manually erased and rebuilt Option fields to change the order. My lists have never been longer than 10 items, but even with that few I felt the pain and can only :scream: imagine what your list would be like to reorder.

I’d suggest giving votes to this over on the wishlist. This will help the Webflow staff see the request and gauge the community’s interest. I gave it a +1 :+1: too as I’ve also wanted this feature.

Hey @matthewpmunger, thanks so much. Have added my vote also!


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