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Rendering difference

Hello the Webflow community!
I wonder why there is such a big difference in rendering between the creation interface & a preview?

Thank you (:

If you could share your project someone from the forums could take a look and try to answer.

I don’t have a specific example. It was more of a general question. All the projects I did on Webflow every time I had to struggle between what I saw in the editor and the result in a browser.

All browsers developer teams can have different views of the specifications and how they should be interpreted. As a result each can has differences. Since the browser core field is shrinking, there is less of this occurring but it still does.

The only way to answer this in more detail is for us to look at specific elements and designs in each browser you wish to support. Meaning testing is required. A reason why either you have multiple devices to test with or use a service like Browserstack to do the testing in the cloud.

I understand, I think I’m a little too used to having a workspace that doesn’t fit in a limited space. Thank you for taking the time to answer me (: