Render Custom code issues

Hey, I’ve created a website with CMS pages that render Mailerlite forms. They work and that’s great.

I used wfhow’s blog ( Render Custom Code from Webflow CMS Item’s Value - WF How) to help me

The pages that work are the “Services/Resource” pages.

But when I do the same for the “Blog” CMS pages the code won’t render. I’ve tried changing class names, and ids.

I don’t know what’s going on. Can you please help!?

The form even shows up on an empty Test page…so I’m not sure what’s wrong with the Blog pages that it won’t work.

Here is the read-only link for the pages that work:
What it looks like on the published website: Exercises for any stage of motherhood (

Here’s the read only link for the Blog pages:

There is a Webflow Form on this page as I’ve almost given up hope this this Mailerlite embed nonsense. So the Embed Code is here (just under the Webflow form):

And be careful, the form might load properly at first but once you reload the page, it’s gone.

Here is my site Read-Only: