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Renaming the styles in the Style Manager is not updating the class names when exported

I’ve updated all our class names to have “cc-” at the beginning, to reduce conflicts with other libraries when exported. Once all the class names are updated, the first page appears fine but every other page is now broken.

Preview shows all the pages working properly, but the published pages are broken. When viewing the HTML source code, only a portion of the class names have updated with “cc-” at the start.

Any ideas?

Hey @dallasclark can you give us the subdomain of your site so we can try it out first hand and see where things break? Thanks!


I’ve worked out how to get the pages to publish properly, I’ve had to go through each page and alter one of the top-level DIVs and then press publish. I’ve simply adjusted the top margin by 1 or 2 pixels, press publish, return the top-margin back to the original value and press publish again.

The work-around normally works, but occasionally I need to make further changes to trigger the publish process to publish the page properly.

Hope this helps you with the debugging.

  • Dallas

To be a more specific when using the “Style Manager” to rename your styles, and then publishing, only the page you were on gets updated, it doesn’t re generate all the other affected pages.

To replicate

  1. create a style on one page
  2. create another page re using the same style
  3. publish the site
  4. use style manager to rename that style
  5. publish the site

View page one, see the update styles
View page two, update style doesn’t appear in the published site

The work around is annoying as you need to visit the 20+pages individually in the site and update them in some way then re publish.

Sounds like using style manager needs to kick off an update to all affected pages.

@aidan @dallasclark - you guys are right, the style renaming code doesn’t force an update, while making some other style change right after does. We’re working on a fix.