Renaming cms template issue


For SEO purposes I’m trying to rename the url of a cms template page but I’ve run into an issue.

Please see these two short videos below:

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I’m not sure why it thinks I have a folder called mortgage already. If anyone can help I’d be very grateful. Thanks


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Hello @GrahamCox, the issue that you have has to do with the fact that you already have a page called Mortgage. The slug you set up on your CMS collection only goes after the name of the collection so it goes like this and so Webflow is not allowing you to change the url to because you already have a static page with a url does that make sense? I would suggest to change your Mortgage page name and use that for your collection name. I hope this helps.

Hi Pablo,

It does thank you. I think it threw me because it mentioned having a folder called mortgage rather than a page. Thanks very much for the explanation, much appreciated.

Best wishes, Graham

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