Renaming a class changed my class styling

After the system automatically applied its class to an image, and after I modified the styling for the other three screen sizes, I went to rename the class. When I renamed it, the styling was ignored on the other screen sizes although the style parameters did not change. I tried changing the parameters but was not able to affect the styling.

Image 14 class was created for the desktop size and a max width was 100%
The max width was changed to 60% for the other three views (tablet, mobile…)

  • this has resulted the images getting smaller on these other smaller screens
    The class was renamed to Logo Image
  • this has resulted no change in the style settings on any of the views (desktop, tablet, mobile…); however, while the desktop style images remained the correct size, the images on the tablet and the mobile returned to their original 100% size, although the max width still says 60%… No matter what I put as sizing values, the image size does not change.

What is the catch here?
I don’t have to rename this class and the problem is solved but I need to know what is happening here.

Thank you!

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