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Rename a website template on my dashboard

Okay, this may sound like a crazy question but I want and need to rename a template website on my dashboard.

I needed two templates for two redo to responsive website projects. I want to rename the first template on my dashboard so I can purchase an additional template that better suits my conversion project. I want them both - I just want to rename the first so I can purchase and download the second with the original name. Are you confused yet?


Hover over the project on your dashboard and click “site settings” or click the gear in the bottom right of the project card.
On the settings page you will see a section called general setting. This is where you can change the name and sub-domain of your project.

Hope this help,


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AlexN - Obi-Wan-Alex -

Thank you, that worked perfectly. One more question regarding the same situation. When I went to purchase my next template “London” the “Purchase Template” button took me now where and I have tried repeatedly without success. Do you have a suggestion?

Thanks again, you are so knowledgeable on so many levels.


A couple questions.

What kind of plan do you have / have you exceed your allotment of projects?

When you select the template make sure you have given the project a name and that the sub-domain that is created is available.

If you are trying to use the old name make sure that your changes to the name and sub-domain of the old project took affect. There is a green save button to the right of the general settings section.

let me know if this helps,


AlexN - Obi-Wan-Alex,

A Very appropriate name Obi-Wan.

I have a Personal Account and have not exceeded my limit of sites. The good news is everything worked fine today and the purchase went through without a hitch.

I truly appreciate your help. I am putting another “General” question out today. Since I am converting several existing websites to Webflow responsive template formats. Each of the websites link to large photo albums that exist with another provider. I need to know if the lightbox is the way to go to display numerous photos or just add the code from my outside source albums. The slider is not an option. What would you suggest? The addition of code linking is difficult because I can’t see the results until I publish.

Thanks again for all your help,