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Removing surplus body height mobile?

I’m guessing this is a easy fix but I can’t figure out so I have to ask.

On mobile I want to set a max height of the body container so I can fit all of the content on the index above the fold.

Here is a preview link and a screenshot of my Samsung Galaxy S6 view.

Why? I have only percentagebased height in all HTML elements on this page. No dice.

Overflow hidden on body? Check!

What am I forgetting?

Hi @WebFlowA2N

Try using 100vh instead of 100%. Just type in 100vh in the height field and press enter.

Percentage values are relative to the parent element. Viewport units (vh and vw) are relative to the viewport of your browser. You can learn more about them here:

Yeah that did it :slight_smile: Thanks!

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