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Removing Previous/Next links on first/last pages


I’m new to Webflow so I’ve just been practicing to try and get better and more efficient. I’m trying to copy a website that was originally made on Squarespace and I’ve run into an issue that I haven’t been able to workaround.

On the blog post page, the bottom should have Previous/Next buttons with the blog titles underneath them. The links work properly and the titles automatically populate properly, but on the first blog page, I can’t get the previous button to disappear along with the title. Since there is no previous post before the first one, the title knows to stay blank, but is there a way to make the link do the same?

Same goes for the last blog post. The Next link is still there but the title disappears accordingly.

Is there a way to make the links behave the same way as the titles?

Here is my public share link:


@Serena_Nixon - you can set a conditional visibility filter on your wrapper:


Same would go for the next button

Thanks! I was messing around with that but I couldn’t figure out what to put in each field. How would I do that?

@Serena_Nixon - the setting is in my second screenshot.

Previous is set

Ah yes! Thank you so much!!