Removing inhereting selectors

Hello everybody,
i’m new to webflow, but until now i manged quite well.

i startet to create a template page and adapted all the breakpoints. And probably i once did some changes on the “all links”-class on the largest breakpoint, and now i have to many inheriting selectors (see screenshots) just on this one breakpoint. I don’t find the difference when i compare the different breackpoints. can i just delete one? i didn’t find out how.

Thanks a lot for any help!

here the link works fine (i just want a underline):

On this break-point all links move a bit to the right:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-18 um 21.24.34

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I think if you just delete the menu item which is wrong (from the Desktop base breakpoint) you should be able to quickly rebuild it as it should inherit the correct Hover interactions from Hauptmenu

thanks for your reply, i just made a new navigation on a different page and it does exactly the same. i tried out some things in the very beginning, i quess there went something wrong, but now it is in my project not just this one page… (is that possible?)
one cant delete the “all Links” from the bigger breakepoints?

This is one of the frustrating things about All Links. It gets EVERYWHERE! menu links, link blocks.

Anyway… what are you changing in the menu in the different viewports? I think it is just the font size.

In which case, you might be better doing that from the Body class (ALL BODY - not Body 2, which you don’t need).

Say the body font is 16 at Desktop. Then the menu will be 16 too.
In the ALL BODY, make the changes to the paragraph font size and then this will cascade down and up to the other breakpoints. That will be for ALL normal text (not Headings). Then you won’t need to do anything with the menu breakpoints.

it looks the same if i use “body”. Also if i make a new page with “body” and make a new navigation it looks exactly the same.
Any other idea how to get rid of this formating? i would delete the latest breakpoint and rebuild it, but i think this is not possible?

Sorry, yes, I meant that you could start again, from the paragraph level, and then build up the classes as needed, but with NEW class names.

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Dear Jonathan, thanks for helping.
i think i will ask a friend of a friend who should be a webflow crack and he can go into my project.
i’m not sure how to get on from here myself, since all the cms is already full so i cant restart the project.
but thanks anyways!

I didn’t mean to start the whole project again, just the naming of the classes for the menu…
But yeah, if you have a friend who can dig in there and help, that’s great

i did try that in the beginning,
but thank you for trying to help!

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