Removing .html from a URL - Also, are CAPS an issue?

I currently have my site in Adobe Muse.

I have many, many pages and external links that do NOT have the “.html” at the end of the URL.

Currently in the process of finding a new web service since MUSE is closing down and Webflow is where I think we are going to move to in the coming months.

Question 1 - When I recreate the pages in Webflow, can I remove the “.html” from each page EASILY (and so it looks nice and clean) or is it on the complex side?

Example: vs.


Question 2 - Is there any issue w/ URL letters in CAPS when using Webflow? If you do this w/ GoDaddy hosting, you get a 404. If you do this in Adobe Muse, there is no issue. Can I put caps in the url (for media advertising) w/out any issues or 404 pages when using Webflow?

Example: vs.

Thank you in Advance!!

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Hi @FSUAlum98, thanks for the post and the question.

On the hosting, Webflow by default removes the .html automatically for all site pages.

On the URLs, you can enter the Page Title in all caps, but Webflow will automatically convert the page url to lowercase when the site is published.

I hope this helps, let me know if any further questions, or feel free to contact us at

My best

That’s exactly what we needed - thank you!