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Removing Hover State Problem

I found a closed conversation when I was trying to figure out how to disable my hover states. Since I couldn’t ask a follow up question on that thread, I was hoping you could help via the forum.

I’ve jacked something up on some tabs that I built on my website ( If you go to the page (Realty Connect Proposal) and then down to the section (Cost Breakdown), you’ll see I have four tabs. For some reason they are changing to Orange, Blue, Grey, etc. I’ve tried to remove the hover states on the tabs and start over, but can’t get it back to nothing.

What I want to happen is that all four tabs have a white background with black text. On hover, I want the background to be #404040 and the text white. On Current (or the tab clicked), I want the tab to be Red (#b00027) and text white. Can anyone help me accomplish this? Would really appreciate it.

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Hi @chrisgreer33

I made a quick video showing you how to fix it.

I hope this helps

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Thanks so much @DharmaNode. Worked like a charm. Really appreciate the video and guidance.

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