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Removing Header on some pages only and reading it later

Hi there.

I have taken a free template and started working on it, but I’ve given my website name to somebody so I need to creat a coming soon page and publish it.

I took 1 of the pages and have filled in the coming soon info.

My problem:
I can’t edit the header without it changing on other pages. How do I take it off on my “coming soon” page or hide it so when I publish that page, it doesn’t show up?


But my header not be removed on the other pages?


if you can share your read-only link maybe i can help…

Share a read-only link

What and where is the read only link?

Here is a tutorial for sharing your read only link

  1. To Delete your header from this page click “DEL” on the Navigation. It will only delete it on this page.

  2. To Edit your Navigation only at this page you have to “Unlink it from Symbol”.
    You will get this by right click on your header an then unlink.

  3. You will find your Symbols here:

Tutorial for Symbols is here

Do I need to purchase a site plan first?

When I go to delete, it says cannot delete symbol root?

and when I right click, it does not give me the option to unlink from symbol?

No normaly you should be able to delete a “Symbol” without a plan…
Maybe clear you Cache and login again will fix this error…

Right Click on the Designer… Before you right click the “Symbol” Click on a different element.
Or press Ctrl + Shift + A while the “Symbol” is normaly selected.