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Removing header from instagram videos on site

On my site, I’ve uploaded two videos which are directly from my instagram page since we are unable to upload videos yet on webflow.

Is it possible to remove the header and follow button on the posts so they look like videos without the social media branding?

Or is there any other way to upload videos onto webflow?

Thank you

Oh I think I understand, maybe others in the community can jump in. I’m almost certain you would need a different service to do this. I like to use Cincopa! They have the most flexibility with video and music embeds I’ve found. Plus, you get access to the CSS. You can remove pretty much everything you don’t want. It’s $25 /month. But you can embed videos, music players, galleries, sliders, timelines, playlists. Lots and lots of stuff. I would highly recommend over soundcloud, spotify, scm and others. Main reason is they offer all the embeds from one account. So you pay 25 and get access to ALL their embeds. When you want to add videos for one client project, then use music for another, they all can be managed by you within one account - as assets and galleries. The embed locations you deploy have no effect on the Admin Account you purchase. Inside the admin, you simply generate the code from the player you design, then give it a publish location.

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