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Removing default elements from premade slider, form element packages etc

hey there,

Ive been asking something similar when I started using Webflow two months ago,
but didnt really getting an aswer out of this.

why cant I remove some default elements from the premade element packages like
forms, or in this case slider ?

for example I dont need the left and right navigation arrows, so I can only make em
display none but they are still there and useless and not needed in the code.

I can understand that some elements need to stay for having a consistent premade element package
but some simple parts that arent necessaryly need should be removable !?

Why not? What’s the justification?

I have deleted slider arrows in the past without any ill effects.

It depends on the element. Have you actually tried deleting them and publishing to see if it still works?

actually I can delete the arrow icons yeah but I cant delete the divs they are sitting in
(which are called left & right arrow by default) (same goes for slide nav)

the problem is that if I delete em, the whole slider element package gets deleted.
with the form element package it happens the same if i for example want to delete
the error or success message boxes…

its just I convinced my company to use webflow as tool for making pages, to take of some work from our programmers. but if they look at the code, they will of course ask me, why these elements Im not showing at all (which I had to display none) are still in the code.
how do I explain that reasonable ?
thats why Im asking, because I can fully understand those concerns.

I just checked again, seems like now it is NOT possible to delete the arrows or dots…


axactly. and like I said, same goes for form templates. the success and erroer msg for example.
if I dont need em (dont ask why, I know its better UX if I would do), Im still not able to delete em
without deleting the whole template

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