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Removing column messes up 'data table' grid

I have the feeling I looked at every related topic in this Forum and tried googling it…
but it seems that my Grid setting option are different from the once in the help section.

So: How can I change to manual mode?
I created a table, but now need to delete a column including it’s content from the grid.

If I do this; the other content jumps, creating a diagonal layout with the remaining content.

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 23.56.14|690x467

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Hi @fleur_123,

There is probably an easier way to do this but so far that’s the one I found, without needing to restructure the grid. Personally, I would have gone with CMS items and some sort of gridception ( grid within a grid ).

But here is a video on how to fix it for your particular situation:

It’s just a matter of referencing the fields you want to delete then delete the column then delete the referenced fields.

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Thanks a million! I tried that remembering which one to delete, and failed > renaming the once you want to delete obviously makes it way easier.

I am not on a CMS plan, but if I need to do another table I will consider it.
Also tried looking for a nice ‘Data’ Table Grid tutorial, but could not really find one, Webflow only shows grids, how nice and random you can make them. Not the structured one with header and data below.

Do you maybe know of a resource? or could you explain how would you go about creating a grid inside a grid. Do you mean for example 1 row grid and in these row is a column grid?

I really appreciate you making the zoom, super helpful! :raised_hands:

Hi @fleur_123,
Yes I would create a collection. The collection list as a row grid, then a column grid in the collection Item, then divs with distinctive class names. Then a table header that behave the same as the grids.

But hey with grid there are probably tens of other ways to organize that, feel free to experiment other structures.

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