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Removing border in Chrome that's showing on my HTML embed


Instead of using the Webflow video widget, I wanted to remove 3rd party branding and embed an HTML5 video player and locally host my file. I used

Anyways, I embedded the player, styled it in the embed, and everything is great. Except one thing - in Chrome on desktop, there appears to be a black single pixel border on the left of my video. I have tried styling it out, but haven’t been able to figure out which element it is (even though I feel like i have tried them all). I am only seeing this on Chrome desktop. If I zoom in, the border disappears. Weird stuff…

Can anyone help me get rid of this border?

Attached is a pic, and here is my read-only link.

Thank you!!!

I see you’ve already fixed this. There is no border on chrome 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (32-bit) for me.

@samliew it’s still showing on mine…

@myonke it looks like this is a duplicate post and was resolved here: Help removing border on HTML embed

Is it alright if I mark this one as closed as a solution was found in the duplicate posting?

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@samliew do you know why, in your above image, it’s showing that the media could not be loaded…it does not show this on mine. What browser are you using? Thanks!

Oh don’t worry about that, I have all file-sharing sites blocked.

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