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Remove Webflow Branding In Pardot

I am creating a site that needs to be linked to Pardot. I have a hosting plan and have used the remove branding feature. Sadly, when previewing the template the branding is gone, however when viewing the page live, it’s back. How do I remove this “Made in Webflow” branding? Is this a know issue?

I’m linking the published site which I assume is part of the issue. But Pardot requires all the code be packaged together, as opposed to imported separately.

Hi @womp, at the moment if the site is being iframed or embedded and the url you are trying to use is the staging domain to show the site in Pardot, it will not work as the sites are not allowed to be iframed or embedded. To remove the Webflow branding, the domain request need to go through our proxy servers.

If pardot try to link directly to the domain, the branding tag will not be removed.

What may work is if you setup a subdomain like, and add that custom domain to the site project:

Then, try to link Pardot to the custom domain name, not the staging hosting, which is not using SSL nor is it using regular hosting features. Only when the site is having a custom domain are hosting feature limits increased.

Do you have documentation on how you are trying to link with Pardot?

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