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Remove or change color of background container that holds nav

the FlyCMS template has a nav bar that for the homepage only, slides in (the interaction seems to be a fade). I cannot find where to manipulate the true background container in order to change the color. So the bright blue from orig template displays on page first and then my nav bar (completely different color scheme) slides in.

I’ve investigated these controls and when I manually slide the dial here (scrub the line), I can see the bright blue.
Please advise - where / how can I target that to update?

Hi @Tine22,

Here is a screenshot from the preview:

It looks like the banner class has a blue background.

The header symbol contains the navbar on load, and it has a bg color set to transparent, revealing the banner class color.

Does this help?

Please refer to the Fly CMS template. As soon as homepage loads, the top nav in bright blue flies down.

It is that blue background I cannot get rid of even though I’ve applied a flat background color to the header nav container.

Thank you.

Yes - thank you for helping me figure that out. I was now able to target that object and change the background color.

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