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Remove Mixpanel & Segment Tags From Site

Hi All,

I’m new to webflow, and have noticed that alongside GA, I also have Mixpanel and Segment running analytics on my website by default.

Due to a very strict privacy policy, I am unable to have these tags on my site.

Does anyone know of any way for these to be removed? I’ve looked into the source code & can’t find any mention of the base tags!

Thanks in advance,

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Have you found a solution for this?

Are you showing scripts loading on your site that you did not include in custom code?

Yes, ghostery is showing that it is blocking segment. I am not 100% sure it is from webflow as I also have a chat running on the page but I think it is webflow.

Webflow does not provide a chat service. Webflow sites can only include other third party scripts (other than jQuery) that you load intentionally on the site.

If you use additional fonts from Google or another service Webflow would load those scripts necessary. Same for Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc… that are available in the site settings.

Check your custom code areas to determine what you are loading or inspect the page source.