Remove "Made in Webflow" not working + DNS Issue

I want to remove the “Made in Webflow” for the website. I have it checked off to be removed, but it has still been there for 3 days. Also, the DNS ID on the site has been entered into GoDaddy (copy pasted), but the site still does not appear when I search (without the “www.” in front of the domain). How can I fix these two problems?

Problem #1: “Made in Webflow” is not appearing

Problem #2: Website does not appear when searching “” in the URL and only appears when searching “” (with the “www.” in front of the domain name)

Double-check the A records in your DNS, it looks like you have Webflow’s but also 2 invalid ones.

Could be related to #2, or you just need to republish after changing the site setting.