Remove item only from custom domain

Hello, I have two destinations.

  2. custom domain

On the first, I have changed the design and published only there. So, the custom domain is not up to date as I see things in the editor. Meanwhile, I only want to update one item on the custom domain (remove image), without updating the version I have on the non-custom domain.

Any help?

Hi @GuaTheneo, as far as I’m aware - unfortunately there’s no way to do this change directly. If you publish your working site ( then this will upade your custom site.

The best option in this situation may be to restore the closest version to your current custom domain site from the backups area, make the change and publish this - then restore the current WIP site at your domain. Hopefully makes sense. I’d also advocate for taking a manual backup or two along the way!

Thank you. Restore option worked.

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