Remove interactions from symbol without unlinking content

Is it possible to have interactions on a symbol but then remove the interactions on other instances of the symbol without unlinking it?

In my case, I have a navbar and another div that animate in on page load. I’m reusing the navigation and the other div as a symbol since they serve as part of my sitewide headers. I want to animate them on the home page but not on every single page of the site. I know I can unlink the symbol to remove the interaction but then I lose the link and won’t be able to add items to the navbar.

my read-only link: Webflow - Starbase CC

@JustJoe, first off, Welcome back to the forums, it’s been a while. A solution to your problem would be to recreate the same navbar without the animations, then make the new one a symbol this way you’ll have 2 navbar symbols and will only have to update those two when you go to add links.

I have another way to make this possible depending on how the links will be structured but I think the solution I provided will be the less convoluted option.

Thanks for the warm welcome, Chris! That makes perfect sense. Thanks, I will try that now.