Remove first item on 2nd page using pagination

Hi there,

I have a page that shows items from the same CMS collection in two different ways. First is a header that only shows an item with the attribute “featured”. The others are the rest of the collection that don’t have the filter “featured”. I did this because I styled the “featured” item more prominently.

Now the problem: I use pagination for the “non-featured” items. It would be great to have that upper item (the “featured” one) ONLY showing on the first page, but not on the following ones.

I tried my luck with conditional visibility within the collection item but that is not working.

Any ideas how to achieve my goal?

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Here is my site Read-Only:
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The page I’m working on is called “Aktuell” by the way…

Were you able to find a solution? I was encountering the same issue where I only want the featured blog post to appear on the first page, and not be featured on the 2nd paginated page.

Hey Sundae, share your published page link, the one is fine. I can give you the embed you need to achieve that.

@Adrian_Stangell if you’re still in need of this, the solution is pretty easy, but first I notice that you have one big collection list combined to represent both the top featured item, and the lower un-featured items.

I’d recommend splitting those into two collection lists- the first one just for the featured item, and then the second one just for the un-featured items.

That will solve some ordering and positioning problems, and make this next part very straightforward too.

If you still need this, and that makes sense to you, could you make that change and then publish the site to staging at ?

If you can, I can give you the exact code embed you need to hide the featured items.

I’ve split the featured item into a separate collection list. I’d like it to not be visible on paginated pages. Any insight kindly appreciated:

Collection lists are individually paginated, and you can see their current pagination setting in the URL querystring. So your best option here is to write a small piece of script that checks the querystring and then only displays your featured CL when CL2 is on page 1 ( no querystring for it ).

Most likely, an empty querystring will suffice as an “all CL’s are on page 1” indicator.

PM me if you need help building this.