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I am having difficulty figuring out why the top bar of my website is fading in. I can’t identify the transition that is causing this. It’s only happening to one page. I don’t want it to fade in, I just want it to be there.

This is the page in question (“Blog Posts” page):

Here is my public share link:


Not sure if this is what you mean, but your section called “Category Section” has the interaction “Scroll Fade” selected.

LJB - thanks! That resolved the issue right away. It no longer fades in. I thought I had checked all the interactions, but apparently not!

I have another question - do you know why the contents of the top bar glitch to the left on load of the home page, but not on any other pages? You can see it happen here:

Just click in the URL bar and click enter to reproduce (I am using Chrome).


This is happening because of the “Current” Class on the logo link div block on the home page. If you remove the margin from this class, it will go back to being the same as every other page.

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That solves the issue. That was both informative and helpful.

Thanks again, LJB.

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