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Remove extra fonts from Typography dropdown


Is there a way to remove the default system fonts from the Typography dropdown?
I’ll never use Arial, Droid Sans, etc and they just make the list unnecessarily long when I’m choosing the typefaces I want.



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Unfortunately there isn’t a way to remove any of the default fonts listed in the Designer but I agree that it’d be nice to wade through fewer fonts, so it’s probably worth adding to the Wishlist.

Personally—instead of stripping out all of the typefaces—I’d love to see a “Recently Used” or “Favorites” at the top for easy choosing. Alternatively, this could be “Currently Using” to help give an idea of which typefaces are being used across the project.

As an alternative to showing the currently used fonts drop down list, I could see this being done within the Style Manager—with the ability to cleanup unused fonts just like we can cleanup unused styles. This would also make it easier to remove unnecessary fonts from being included when publishing.

Thanks Mikey.

Currently Using is a great idea as is the style manager.