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Remove editor functions from Rich Text field

Is it possible to disable the H1 H4, H5 and H6 in the Rich Text field when using the Editor? I do not need them in this layout and do not want clients being able to select them. How can I do this?


Would you not just insert a regular text field instead? Why use rich text without editing options?

I want H2, H3, Bold, Italics and all others

ah, okay, I misread your post, I thought you wanted to remove all heading options. Sorry, no help here

@bgarrant =The styling of elements in a RTF can be controlled via CSS through the designer. Add a class to the RFT element and define your styles. Removing semantic elements is never a good idea. That should always be left to the author. Currently there is no other granular control over elements within a RTF. You are free to use text fields.