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When my homepage loads, I can see the default background image that came with the template before my actual background shows up. I looked at each component’s background setting and everything was empty except my image that I uploaded (the macbook image). I even tried deleting the original background pictures from the assets but still it always appears.

Thank you for any help you could provide

Here is my site Read-Only:

  • First, the MacBook image is huge (2.4 MB) so you get “animation” - delay

Now - you create an overlay on top of the original dynamic-bg is from the CMS collection:

Go to MacBook div and use opacity: 0.5; to see the idea/problem:

How to solve this?

  • Remove the bg-background from the overlay (Use only color with opacity)

  • Add the macbook to “photos” collection

  • Now use filter to show the macbook


-or- use the build-in feild


– Option 2 - is to remove the collection (Use static image).

Isn’t it this link?

I figured it out! It helped me a lot thank you!

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