Remove default scroll trigger for specific elements

Hi there

In my hero section I have some text fields and buttons that I would like to be present (above the fold) when the page is loaded.
I have studied the Element Triggers but they only seems to control how you AD an effect like “Scroll into view”. I am looking for a way to disable the default effect on these elements only?

I would appreciate if anyone would share with me - thanks in advance :wink:

You can change the default view of each element in the Styles panel - in the Transforms & Transistions section. Click the (+) sign under Transforms. You can move, etc an element here without using Interactions. Then you can bring it back ‘With’ an interaction.

Hope this helps ya.

Hi Gary

Before I wrote to you I already checked this option and removed some transitions. I have checked all the element in the blue section and can’t find anything left but it still doesn’t help.

My thought is that your code gets confused and therefore I have also tried to remove (cut) and paste again, but this didn’t make any difference.

Any ideas?

Okay, it’s hard to understand the desired effect. Could you please post your read-only link to see it directly?

Hi Gary

Here you are: