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Remove default form action

I’m trying out Userapp with nice result using embedds for the forms but I want use Webflow forms and I want leave the action field blank. Is that possible somehow?

How are you integrating UserApp? If the integration is in the backend (e.g. PHP, Python/Tornado), then you set the method to POST and write the URL of the backend code in the action field. If it is on the frontend (e.g. JavaScript), then you just set the method to POST (so that Webflow doesn’t send you an e-mail containing people’s credentials everytime they try to log in) and leave the action field blank. It’s certainly possible, I’ve done it on a few websites before.

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Thanks for reaching out. I actually managed to integrate Userapp in a Webflow hosted site with javascript. I tried your tip and it worked thanks. Now I’m having trouble with extending the default functionality with resetting password and user profile. I’m just not sure where to put the code snippets found at docs at Userapp. Do you think using angular.js is easier when using Userapp with hosted Webflow sites? Using custom div attributes in designer rather then embedding javascript.

I don’t really know because I’ve never tried Angular, but using div attributes sounds pretty cool. For resetting passwords, I put a button on the page and added an ‘onclick’ attribute calling the Javascript function UserApp.User.resetPassword(). If you use the SendGrid API, it will send the e-mail for you. Then I wrote a simple python/flask code that takes the token out of the URL and prompts the user to enter a new password (you could do this in PHP too). For the profiles, I tried to use Javascript to change the content of text blocks with different ID’s. It’s definitely not the best and most efficient way of doing it, but it seemed simpler than Angular.

How does the div attribute thing work? I’d like to try it. :smile:

Doing something wrong, cant get angular to work. I have a linked the necessary js files to WF from my own ftp server and they work because I used the same links locally using Mamp. More testing =)

Edit: Forgot to add ng-app=“myApp” to the body element. It´s working! this is so good. Will post my test site as soon as its ready.

Everything is kinda working except these things.
I’ve just made embeds for the forms testing the the app out, but now i want take advantage of both Webflow and angular. Custom attributes is great but I need to put in both name and value and for some forms I need to have for example “ua-reset-password” without any value. Ideas how to do that?

I also need help with the reset password, if you have any ideas. I’ve got it to work to this step, when following the link in the received email trying to send the new password I got a error message saying “User not authorized.”. I cant figure out what I’ve missed.

Edit My App =)

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Wow, looks pretty neat! Would you mind sharing a public link? I’m really curious about how you integrated it with Angular.

I don’t know why the password reset page would give a “user not authorized”, I’ll have to check. I wrote a python/flask script for my website to take care of the password reset, but I see that you have somehow integrated that functionality inside webflow. Pretty cool. :slight_smile:

What I did is I downloaded the angular front end over at Userapp. Tried to copy the index.html to work in Webflow tools. I hosted the java script files on my server and linked them inside Webflow. Linked bootstrap as well just to get it to work easy. I used custom attributes on the body on every page that needs it <body ng-show="myApp">. The partials in the downloaded files i used html embeds to get them in webflow. For the inputs webflow can be used with custom attributes but not for the form itself for what I can see, It needs an directive and I don´t know how to do that inside webflow, I want to use custom attributes but I must fill the value there.

Could perhaps @cyberdave be some help here or pass along to the team so this could be doable, remove restriction on having a value in custom attributes? =)


Hi @jorn,

Did you follow up with any of this functionality? I’m looking at making a special user part with sign-on through Userapp as well.

I’m working with the JS, and have the demo working. But i’d like to get it working like this:

  1. Homepage
  2. Pricing
  3. User Creation + Payment (stripe)
  4. Content (with user login)

Anything you did to get it somehow like that?

I got an answer from Webflow that they don’t have this functionality at the moment. They want to expand the functionality of custom attributes but don’t have estimate on when.

Tried to contact Userapp for the reset password thing but it’s very quiet. I think I have to export the code and integrate User app that way instead. I do like the simplicity of Userapp.

My use with UserApp is pretty simple. User signs up and get access to some forms. Maybe we will integrate the payment functionality later.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m checking in at Userapp, but is seems awfully quiet indeed. Although i like their functionality because of its lean (and thus fast) approach. It’s damn quick.

And, what I also like is this demo:

For your “user not authorized”-problem, this might be the solution:

or in a picture:

Session cookie! That could be the problem :slight_smile: I’ll try that. Let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help.

I really don’t know what I did but it it’s working now. Without any of those scripts. It could been some problem with link from the email. It needs to be open in the same browser though.

great. That’s good news. Do you have it working in some environment we can see?
[if it’s other than the ones above]
Would be nice to have a quick peek.

No, its the same test site as before. I will now start to take Userapp to my my design here in webflow. When its finished ill post the link here. Its gonna be a site in Swedish =)

I’m working on it as well. I’m planning on having a version ready tomorrow with user registration integrated in the WF editor. I’ve teamed up with a node.js developer. Maybe we can help each other here if we need to.

Your site helps me get the basics right. So you should keep it for everyone to see :slight_smile:

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Yes, planning to have the test site up for others to see. Must make it a little prettier though =)

I’ve made it work in my live site on

Completely integrated with WF. Still, much improvements needed. It was quite painstaking to get up and running. Would you @jorn or anybody be interested in a small tutorial how to integrate WF with Userapp?


Nice site. I probably won´t benefit as much as someone who just started. I solved must of my problems I had. But I would love reading a tutorial anyway. I made my site with the angular version and you made yours with javascript. So the methods integrating with WF will be different.

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Wow, nice integration @Diu! I’d be very interested in a small tutorial. :smile: By the way, were any of you guys able to successfully build a profile page in webflow?