Remove Background Scroll on Modal, Add Modal Scroll

Hey there! I’m working on a site with modal widows that launch when clicking a CMS item. As I’ve been working through making the modal responsive, I’ve noticed that when the content runs off the screen, I’m not able to scroll down on the modal to view it. Instead, the modal stays fixed and the background scrolls. I’ve checked the position settings and it looks like its set to static.

I’ve seen this sort of thing work here –

I haven’t been able to figure the difference in my settings thats causing the issue.

Here is a link to my read-only site –

Any help is appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Okay update! I set the overflow to auto and it seems to work correctly when the screen is sized to mobile on a desktop. That being said, it remains fixed on actual mobile devices. Is there sort of way to enable swipe gestures or something along those lines that im missing? Thank you!

Well, I think I figured it out! Switched the modal window to static on mobile. Background still scrolls, but the modal in the foreground scrolls too, which solves my problem.