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Remove all animation from single page


Is there a quick way to disable all animations on one page on my site?
I have loads of text and images sliding in on scroll, and I was hoping to find a quicker way to disable them all in a click or two. Rather then going through one and one to disable the animations.


Not in 1 click or 2 but here is how I go:

  1. check IX at page level, nuke them
  2. in Navigator tab, select the Body, then browse the DOM using topological navigation: Hold ⌥ (Alt, Option) down and repeatedly press ↓. It will go through the entire DOM tree, unfolding everything in vertical order only, so you won’t miss a single element. Every time you see a :zap: (lightning) icon on the line of the element, there’s an IX linked. Nuke them one by one, it’s not too long to do.

Topological nav is useful to also spot elements linked to anything CMS.

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Thank you!

This is similar to what I am already doing.
I didn’t know about the hotkey navigation, so that helped make it faster :smiley:

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Yes this key combo makes the process quicker :slight_smile: