Remove 5 item limit on multi-reference field

Is there any way to remove the 5 item limit on multi-reference fields? I’m trying to build out a help center knowledge base with categories and sub-categories. I need to reference all the articles to the sub-category so I can show them within a category.

Is there a better way to do this in the meantime?

Page example: Events | Epoch Help Center
Read-only link: Webflow - Help Center

Hey Angie, share your readonly project link if you’d like some design help on your data architecture. I’d need to see how you’ve setup your collections.

In general though, the way to approach this in Webflow is to plan your user-flow first, around the CMS’s functionality. You can do a lot if you arrange your user flow across static pages and CMS pages in the right way.

If you try to fight that, you’ll be doing a fair bit of scripting to work around the CMS’s design limitations. But it can be done.

Sorry @memetican – here’s the link: Webflow - Help Center

Here you go, 3 different options here.
hope this helps point you in the right direction-

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Thanks so much @memetican! This was a really thorough and clear video to follow. I appreciate all your effort and thoughtfulness in offering multiple solutions.

I agree with you that the first option is the best for us right now :pray: