Relplace varient images

Trying to replace color variant images for product but the images are not updated. I deleted and recreated the product entirely. And the images are still the originals. Then I tried renaming the variant images and uploading again and I still can’t get them to change. How do I get these images to update?

Hi Catherine @cat_amd, please share your read-only link so we can help you out. Thanks!


The problem is here in the drop down on the red hat product page.

Anyone have an answer? Please? I just deleted the hat and added as a new product again and those images are still not replaced. Even after renaming the product, images, and variant name. Where are those images hiding? I can’t even find them to delete them. Help please!!

I’m not clear on what exactly it is you’re trying to do, or what’s behaving unexpectedly, but here’s what I’m seeing, and some things you can try.


Thanks for your reply. It seems the problem is with my computer. I tried editing it on my laptop and oui la! No problem at all.
Now I have to figure out what’s wrong with my computer.

Try emptying your browser cache, and disabling browser add-ons. If that works, you can start adding them back in until you figure out which one(s) are breaking websites for you.

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I did that and reset p-ram also clean restart. We’ll see. :slightly_smiling_face:

So the image reverted back to the old image after saving again.
After spending the day clearing out my computer and extensions I find the problem is with the app after all. It seems that Webflow will not replace an image that is too close in size and format to the original. It apparently reads the image data rather than the name of the file. So by changing the size from 400x400 to 800x800 and saving as a png instead of jpg it was recognized as a change and finally replaced. I’m just posting this here incase it helps someone here experiencing the same problem. It’s a pretty nasty glitch to workaround.

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