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Relink Timed Animation

Hi All,

I changed a class on an element that was included in a timed animation (Page load). Naturally, this stopped the element being included in the animation. I have since reverted back to the original class name but the control for the animation and the actual element on canvas are not linking back up.

Question is, is there a way to bridge that broken link without, say, deleting the element and re-animating them?

I haven’t included a link. I am under time pressure so am solving this the long way but would be great to learn of a simple fix for next time.


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I had this happen and you’ll need to re-click the element, then go to 1st and do this to disable. Then start over and re-create the animation. Click “Select Action”, it will disable the current animation in the application. The re-click Start an Animation. It should allow you to choose in the list again.

exiting an interaction

Thanks @garymichael1313, appreciated :+1:

Your very welcome, have fun!