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Relative Images not moving on published site via mobile view

I have 3 images within a container, 1st image is cop car, 2nd & 3rd images are animated lights that need to be positioned over cop car. When I move the lights, publish and refresh on my phone, no movement is reflected. I’m sure its something I’m missing. I’ve tried styling them to relative, auto and absolute with no luck of them moving. Is there a way to group the images together? How can I accomplish this look? <-- only on mobile view

Underneath that Container, move the Supercar layer out onto the same level:

Then adjust the positioning to your liking. I would actually move all those images out of that Supercar layer, then give them a 100% size - or - 75, 85, whatever fits best. That will give them more responsive flexibility.

silly question, but how do I move the Supercar layer to the same level?

Oh you just hold and drag left until it sticks at the same level as the “intuitive box” layer.

I was able to move all images out of the Supercar level. My lights line up on the cop car perfectly on all devices EXCEPT when tablet and phone are horizontal. EEKK!!! I’m soooo close!!! Any ideas??

Sure, take all the images out of the div and put them inside on their own. You’ll see they’ll hold their places. Then just add 100% Width to all of them, the above Container is flex right? Oh… I believe the parent above was. They should fall centered after outside on their own.

  • Oh forgot to add - On Mobile Portrait:
    You will have to slide the police car over using Relative and sliding left side over to the right to center it. Because of the baton will push the car left.

I noticed that it does that! And when I make changes to the size it changes the size on the desktop and throughout. I thought it wasn’t supposed to do that.

could I hire you? I can’t seem to get this fixed

Haha, I understand! This building process can get daunting. Sure I have no problem working this out with ya. Send me a message to my profile on what you need help with, and what you want me to do. I’ll get back to asap. Thanks.

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what is a good email to reach you at?

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