"related images" function for Image database

Dear Webflow peeps,
I am an artist trying to create a smart-ish image database.
So far:

  • I have adapted the blogpost feature to make forms to enter a collection of images.
  • I have attached categories to these images

Each image/blog post page showcases the main image and the categories I have tagged them with.
But I need images to “lead” to other images.

I have managed to create thumbnail-like sets underneath a specific post, but cannot make them ‘smart’. Either they are all the other posts, or I have to filter by a specific category picked by hand, which may not work in other posts.

Ideally, I would create a smart system that showcases thumbnails of images with similar sets of categories (so, for example, not only show “pop culture” related images, but “pop culture” AND “goddess”)

I have tried nesting dynamic lists (so that I can get images of blogposts inside the specific categories of each image), but it cannot be done.

Any ideas on how can I do this?
Maybe creating more ‘categories’ collections or something like this?

I hope this makes sense!

Thanks a million,

Here is my public share link: LINK