Rejected by Mastercard for payment service for ecommerce website

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We are in the end stage of an e commerce website and almost ready to launch. Now we came across a huge problem for our client. He got rejected to become partners with Mastercard and Visa. The reason for this is not known because they are not obliged to tell us. We have a feeling that it has something to do because our client is from Yemen and has a company that is selling Yemeni coffee. His company is registered in the Czech Republic. We looked in several options like Paypal, but they are all not user friendly because of the indirect payment methods.

My question is if there is a solution for my client to be able to have a user friendly payment system? We are open to hear any option, because it’s a big deal for us to complete this project.

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Wouter Kooij

gosh, I’d look into providers that cater to to the Yemeni market. What only payment methods can people use over there? I don’t quite get what you mean by ‘partners with’? Did he apply for a credit card and was rejected? Is that what’s going on?

Well the company is not only focused on the Yemeni market, so we need a global payment methode like creditcards. We use Shopify because they support third party payment gateways next to Stripe. And we use Gopay as our payment gateway. Gopay applied for the partnership between the client and Mastercard/Visa in order that the order payments can go through the costumers creditcard. This partnership got declined by Mastercard.

Josh from @foxy might be able to help you. I think they’re working on something over there that will be really helpful for solving your use case without having to re-build your whole store.

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@mattvaru Thank you for the mention.

@wouterjesse Just sent you a PM.