Regular but irregular grid

I am trying to recreate a grid-like portfolio site and am intrigued by this example:

It somehow is following certain rules, but i can’t figure out how to recreate them.
its somehow a grid, but not. I also tried masonry grid, but its not that either. its also not manually arranged - when you refresh the arrangement changes.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on there?

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi @phelan after checking their code I have found that thy use Packery library

Hi Stan,
Thanks for your reply.

Is there a way to recreate this behaviour in webflow? i can’t quite figure it out.

hi @phelan yes there is many ways how to create it in WF

  1. with use of Packery
  2. with use of CSS Grid
  3. with use of relative and absolute positioning

Hi @Stan or @phelan ,

Do you have any experience with implementing Packery for webflow? Did you get it to work?


hi @jacobdarfelt sorry but I didn’t had any reason to use Packery so I didn’t try to implement it into WF. But according to their documentation there should not be an issue as they provide CDN link to inject API into app. Do you have any question about specific functionality?

Hi @Stan,

Thanks for your quick reply. Happy to hear that it’s possible, I just have my limits when it comes to applying and implementing the code in WF, so I was curious to hear if you, or any other in this thread, had tested it and thus would be able to guide me.

hi @jacobdarfelt sorry I can’t help but I have just looked again to their docs and it seem to be very easy to use it. My only concern is that this library wasn’t touched (updated) for 4 years and that is like one light-year in development. It still will work but what about future? On other side it may not be an issue.

Sure, but thanks @Stan and thanks for pointing out, the lack of update. I also have my eyes on Muuri – maybe that’s an alternative. Thanks again. J