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Registration Integration

We are looking to build an SSO with our registration system and the CMS.
After a user purchases the event in our system, they click a link which we will initiate an SSO for the user to access the event.

Registrations will exceed the 60/min rate limit when people click the link on our site which then uses the Authentication API to allow the user to get into the CMS.

Does the API rate limit of 60/min apply to this scenario?
If so, is there a way to increase that limit for this scenario?
There could be upwards of hundreds of users being authenticated minutes just before the event.


If you have more than 60 users signing up per minute, and you are making 1 request to the CMS API for each user, then yes. However there are some major inconsistencies with the API as documented in this post.

My suggestion is to not rely on the CMS API for this. Just store your users somewhere else that is more performant and sync the data back to Webflow CMS when real time performance doesn’t matter as much.

IMHO the CMS API is not fit for production.

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Agree with jason here, it’s really risky to use this API for anything like what you’re proposing. You will hit the rate limit and you will hit a bunch of other weird stuff. They’ve got a 100 item limit for calls and no way of searching/filtering on field info. There is little to no support for the API, and no ongoing development on it for three years. It seems Webflow has abandoned their API.

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Hey Jeff,
It seems like you wish to restrict site access depending on whether the user exists in your Identity management system.

This can be easily achieved using the miniOrange WebFlow Single Sign-On solution.

In this case, miniOrange will act as a gateway between Okta and Webflow.

The user will view the Okta login page where miniOrange will stay in the background for authentication. After successful authentication, the user will be redirected to Webflow site.

You can follow the guide here: WebFlow SSO

Or watch a quick video to set up SSO for your Webflow app: Single Sign-On (SSO) for Webflow | How to set up Webflow Single Sign-On (SSO) within minutes? - YouTube