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Hi there. Is it possible for Admins to get email notification when a customer has registered for an account. It will be handy because currently, I cannot see who has signed up so I am not able to action what i need to do within the business.

Thanks in advance

Hey Luca,

You can accomplish this using automation and the API’s new-member-created webhook. You could even do it internally using Memberships + Logic if you like, here’s a guide to setting up that webhook integration and the email step is easy.

If you’re just wanting a “turn on an admin email notification” feature, you might add that to Webflow’s Wishlist if it’s not already there.

Hi Thank you so much for you fast reply!!

Amazing thank you so so much!! Your solution is so much better than using Zapier/Make.

Thank you for your time in 1) working out how to do it. 2) Creating a site with tutorial guides and videos. 3) Taking the time to reply to my comment.

Your solutions worked a treat. Took me a good day, but now i understand it.

Honestly, thank you.