Registration and Database Referring

Hi all,
I am Radek and new to webflow, before that I designed sites by coding. Mostly it were static sites and more likely to present things and less to interact with.

Now my problem is, that I am currently working on a website for a known big german dancing school in Braunschweig, Germany and we need, maybe, to refer to a database.

First things first.
On the website hosted by webflow the customers should be able to book a dancing school like on the current website:

On the righthand-side of the column it says “Weiter” and one can select a membership and book it’s course.
On the new webflow website the “Weiter” should be hided by a script, if the bookings for a specific course reached it limit. The limit is set in our membership database in Hamburg, owned by an outsourcing company. Also the limit can be variable for different courses.
Additionally the script should show and hide three different traffic light stages at the lefthand-side. Green for more than ten free places, Yellow for 5 free places and Red for booked out course.

Long story short:
Is it possible to refer via a script to the database and using it to show/hide elements?

Thank you in advance,
Radek Meyer

This is the current, old website:

Please notice, that the new booking website is not build and avaible yet, because I build some other sites before.

Here is my site Read-Only: ADTV Tanzschule Hoffmann - New