Regarding the webflow Plan!

Hey There,
I wanted to build my react website in Webflow. what are the requirements I want to do it?
I am also searching a bit about purchasing a plan here are the following clues which I got over the Internet but I am still so confused about plans.

  1. There is a site called Webflow Importer (Where I paste the link Workflow importer would do all the work.)

  2. Creating from scratch in Webflow.

Kindly suggest me, I have no clue which plan is suitable for me.

Here is the hint of what I want in webflow ----

CONTEXT -- I have a site which currently running in react, I wanted to switch to Webflow for a better UI experience, I have a team of 4-5 member which wanted to work on parallelly, and I have code (Html, Css, and javascript), so Can I write code in Webflow with javaScript(For dynamic form submission).
Which plan is worth it for me ??

Thanks and regards
Vashu Verma

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