Regarding Site Name showing different

Hey team,

So recently we did a 301 redirection of our previous website to a new domain. Previously it was, and now its

We used the same account to duplicate the solarlabs project and buy a new siteplan for the new project.

We updated the site name to “ARKA 360”, but on google its still showing “solarlabs”.

Attaching the screenshots below.

As you can see, on google SERP, the website name is still “Solar Labs”, wherein on the webflow settings, we did change to ARKA 360. But we have the previous domain project with “Solar Labs” name.

I changed the sitename of the last project also to ARKA 360, will that do the job? Is it coz google is still taking the site name of the last domain?

We also submitted the new pages for google indexing multiple times, still not reflecting. Its probably some bug, can you please look into this?

Its a bit urgent.

Awaiting your response.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

If you did not follow the instructions at Change of Address Tool - Search Console Help then now would be the time to do so.

Hey there, we have done all the practices that on the page.(301 everything)

Everything is working fine, except this site name displayed over SERP.

Ideally webflow should display the name thats on the general settings, right? Why is it still showing Solar Labs?

That is a Google issue and they work at their own speed.