Regarding Meta-Tags and CMS-Fields

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I’ll keep it brief:
I want to set Meta-Tags for news-articles on a website I’m building, and wondered if there was a way to format the “Meta Description”-field in the page settings, so that it displays either content from a CMS-field I called “Meta Tags”, or if this one is not set, from the “Lead-in-Text”-field of the news-article, since the writers that create content for the page won’t always reliably set meta tags from my experience, and I would prefer it over just having to paste the Lead-in down to the Meta-Tags CMS field.

Can I even use this sort of “code”/formatting for conditional in there?
If I can - could a kind soul amongst you provide me with an example of how to pull it off?

Thanks a lot in advance & best regards,

hello @morth, you can set the Meta Description on as a collection field and add it into your collection pages settings. Just go the the collection page settings and under meta description click on the add field button and choose your content from there.
Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 9.15.07 PM
I hope this helps!

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Hello Pablo,

thank you for your reply – this is what I am actually doing already.

I was however curious whether there was a way to show the article’s lead-in if no meta description was set, somehow. Basically as a conditional either (use this text if it is set) or (that other field I know always gets filled out).

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Hey @morth, as far as I know you can’t do that on the meta data tag for a collection list.

Thank you!

I’ll have to find another way then :wink:

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