Regarding alignment

. How to bring up same navigation bar across the pages?
It get reset even tho i bring up same class. (shown as screenshots)

And how do i align those hover buttons at the same level? Must i make the position relative and do it manually?

Hey Sun

If you want to use your nav bar across the pages use Symbols:

About the aligning of those hover buttons is it possible for you to send me a read only link?

Thanks for your kind help !
Sorry, im kinda new here… can you tell me how to get a read only link?

Your Welcome

And also Welcome to Webflow here is how to make a read only link: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Thanks so much. I managed to solve the first prob using the Symbol you’ve mentioned!

Here’s the read only link!

And is there any guidelines where i can take a look and learn more about webflow ?

Here you go:

Hi Sun,

You can align those hover buttons at the same level by giving them an “absolute” and “bottom” position. I would then advise giving the “White Block” div (the div that contains each section with a hover button) a “minimum high”, I think 500px should do the trick.

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Im not to sure if you can do it automatically here is how to do it manually:

  1. Set the hollow button back to position auto

  2. Then click on the go to news button and give it another class (i gave it 1)

  3. Give the 1st button top margin of 174px it should align properly now :slight_smile:

To Figure out how much margin you needed i took the height of the white text 1 and white text 2
then you subract white text 2 - white text 1 = 199-25 = 174

Hope this helps

Thank you so much for your help!

Sorry you mentioned about the height of the white text 1…

Where do i see the numeric value of its height? All i see is auto :frowning:

Well you need to set a fixed height forgot to tell you

Erm… fixed height of a white box?

No i mean the white text it can be in any unit just make sure your margin is the same unit as your white text the white box can remain auto

Thanks so much for the help :smile:

Really appreciate it.

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